Luxurious French Affair by Anthony Licuria

Chadstone’s $270 million upgrade has added to its 530 stores, 50 Australian and International boutiques, with our very own fashion capital becoming home to 12 world-class luxury brands.

Amid the luxury precinct, French fashion-house Louis Vuitton, held a VIP night in celebration of the grand opening, featuring the best of high-end fashion and well-dressed celebrities.

Amongst the infamous monogram treasures and leather trunks, APL Photography snapped up some famous faces, including Toni Collette who cut the LV ribbon, officially opening the store, Rebecca Twigley, Laura Dundovic, Kasia Z and Rhys Uhlich. Footballer Graham Polak and Alyce Oksuz were also photographed, along with Grant Smiley, Zoe Badwi and Catriona Rowntree.

The luxury additions to the fashion capital will surely attract national and international attention, and will undoubtedly be the trend-spotting scene of the seasons.

APL has also added new photos in its EVENTS section on the website, so make sure you check out the recently snapped fashions and fame.

Monika Pilekic