The long journey home from LA is finally over and I emerge out of the airport to be met by brisk cold day. Memories of LA sun and warmth are almost distant now. I head home to find a a barrage of emails and work I have to get through. I try and rest but my mind is still buzzing from the success of my trip and I head out to finally have a good coffee at my local.


Coffee…..nectar of the Gods. I bump into friends who ask about my trip. Apparently my LA trip diaries have been well read. My friends pre-empt all my answers. Coffee consumed, I head home to get ready. It’s out to club land to photograph all of you.


Friday nights are such good fun in Melbourne. Even with the cold of winter, there are still plenty out and the nightlife is particularly frenzied. I do my rounds and everywhere I go people comment on my tan.


It’s three in the morning and it’s time to head home. I quickly upload some images but jet lag is catching up with me. Tomorrow I head to the clubs again but will spend some more time on further editing the LA shoots. APL Photography is all about perfection.


Its now Sunday and the jet lag is finally wearing away. yesterday was different, I woke late and missed some valuable working time. I head out for coffee again and a quick session at the Gym. Feeling refreshed and energized, I have a good run at the clubs. More friends and more comments about my tan. As usual it’s another late finish as I head home to upload more pics.


This morning I feel back to normal. I start editing the large volume of work I’ve brought home. The rest of the day is spent, uploading the weekends photos and planning my upcoming week.


I miss LA but its good to be home and am glad to be back in the swing of things here.

Till I see you all again, out and about.



Anthony Licuria