It’s a celebrated day when a ‘superhero’ comes to town. Tonight, an excited Sydney regaled as English born Henry Cavill, walked the ‘Black Carpet’ at the premier of the much anticipated movie, Man of Steel.

Steel in gallant style befitting his onscreen character, attended the premiere alongside co-star Russell Crowe and director Zack Snyder. The fans were not dismayed, as chisel jawed Steel, stopped and posed for photos with his adoring public. Steel’s appeared in a dark three piece suit which coupled with his classic handsomeness, had many female fans week at the knees.

In this latest Warner Brothers incarnation of popular DC Comics character Superman, we see a more human side to our superhero as he fearlessly, and with great conviction strives to protect Earth from peril. Russell Crowe plays Superman’s biological father Jor-El whilst Amy Adams, has a turn at playing love interest and hapless ingenue Lois Lane. The rest of the supporting cast is stellar, with names like Laurence Fishburne , Diane Lane and Kevin Costner amongst the roll call.

But today the big name guests and the fans had come to see what 2013’s Superman had to offer. As the film ended, and the applause thundered, the majority mused that it had been good. ‘Well worth the watch’, the constant opinion heard!

Also seen walking the black carpet, that today replaced the ubiquitous red, Michelle Bridges with new beau Commando, Timomatic, Jessinta Campbell, Steve Bastoni, Annalise Braakensiek, Gigi Edgley, Kerry-Anne Kennerley, Isabelle Cornish and Jesinta Campbell. Capturing the calvacade of luminaries, Mr Anthony Licuria himself of APL PHOTOGRAPHY.

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