You’ve heard about the hype, we’ve gotten you excited, and now it’s time to COVET!

APL Photography’s next venture has finally become a digital reality, with COVET, the online fashion magazine inviting you to crave, desire and indulge, being your new must-read and season’s hottest trend.

designed to tempt and crave luxurious fashions.

equipped to fulfil and intensify your desires.

produced to satisfy and indulge in your guilty pleasures.

COVET has finally arrived!

Our philosophy at COVET is




COVET features emerging designers and collection reviews, fashion fixes and tempting threads, interviews with ‘the-next-best-thing’ and industry moguls, beauty looks and buys to be on-trend for the season and that extra spice to make it o-so-nice, topped with images from APL Photography, for the highest calibre in fashion photography.

We invite our readers not to shy away from their craves and desires, but to embrace it and allow COVET to be their escape into indulgence.

So go ahead and ask yourself,

What do you COVET?

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