The racing carnival spirit is well underway and before the Melbourne Cup fillies are saddled up, the delight of Derby Day was upon us. This year, APL Photography had the exclusive opportunity to take photos of the birdcage enclosure – the place to see and be seen.

Rocker Tommy Lee













Rocker Tommy Lee couldn’t hide from Anthony Licuria’s lens and was snapped up at the event, adding to APL’s A-list portfolio, along with American singer and actress, Liza Minnelli, who also struck a pose for the camera.

Megan Gale, Lara Bingle, Andrew G, Laura Dundovic, Sonia Kruger and Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes were among the star-studded crowd who were dressed in the day’s traditional colours of black and white.

Other guys and dolls which were snapped up include Michael Klim, Shane Warne, Jennifer Hawkins and Nick Giannopoulos, with Kate Waterhouse getting my vote for best fashion on the field. Waterhouse opted for an andro-chic look, with high-waisted, black, wide-leg pants, and the fashionably darling choice of a lace top with black bra. To top off the look, she wore a white tuxedo top hat,. The outfit – simply amazing.

But before we’re ready to bid adieu to fashions, frocks and frills, APL Photography has some more happy snaps from the race days to come. Hello celebrity marquees!


– Monika Pilekic