The Land of the Yen

L’Oréal Paris Runway 6, presented by Yen, collaborated designers of a diverse nature, who consistently produce astonishing originality in each of their collections.

These designers are those who produce ‘anything goes’ kind of fashion, attracting cult follows who insist on being different and wearing trends which others may not dare to follow.

ALPHA 60 opened the collection with a photo montage of a parrot, who inspired many of the collection’s prints, with the statement, ‘I close my eyes so that I can see better’, with the label creating fashion further than what meets the eye with the layers of material draped to create an outfit.
Many of the designers opted for the material to dictate the outfit, with Nom*D presenting fierce fashion with it’s layers of slashed clothes combined with Dr. Martens revival.

S!X saw a red door and wanted to paint it black, with the black and red range featuring skull prints and the USA flag, while Limedrop reintroduced the cape on the fashion scene.

This season has seen lots of experimentation with accessories, with Carly Hunter using hairpieces as necklace pendants and earrings.

TV teamed up an orange long shirt with a bodice garden-print corset, while Zambesi introduced pleat front detailing on men’s shirts.

Jack London twisted the tie and tied it in a bow, while shortening the suit jacket and reducing it to one button, with a single back split for a tapered finish.

At the event, APL Photography captured Video Hits presenter Fuzzy, and couple Brodie Harper and Heath Meldrum. This was APL’s last L’Oréal Paris Runway for the fashion festival, however there are more LMFF festivities still to come.

Monika Pilekic