Vogue is the Fashion Taste of APL

Vogue has always, and will always be known, as The Fashion Bible. Known to set trends and embrace talent, you know that if it’s in Vogue, it’s in vogue. So when Vogue presented L’Oréal Paris Runway 2, you know that the designers showcased definitely have what it takes to make it in the fashion industry.

Runway 2 collaborated the new breed of Australian designers, who are innovative and precise in their vision, who dare to be different and let their creative minds produce runway-worthy fashions. ANT!PODiUM, Arnsdorf, Dion Lee, ELLERY, Friedrich Gray, Gary Bigeni, Romance Was Born and Therese Rawsthorne were collections all snapped by APL Photography, with each of these left-of-centre designers creating trends rather than following them.

Dion Lee featured his autumn/winter collection on the runway, moments after being awarded the Designer Award, with the designs speaking for themselves as to why this new talent received the coveted award. Futuristic metallic finishes and origami pleats and detailing were standout features to his collection. Dion Lee told Vogue that he was inspired by ‘visual deception’ and surrealism, with modern aesthetics encompassed in his range.

While Dion Lee was the must-see designer of the festival, the other runway collaborators are admirable for their pioneering and originality on the Australian fashion scene.

Monika Pilekic