The last designer series show for the week and this was definitely a case of saving the best until last. Melbourne town hall has a buzz of excitement in the air and we knew just by looking at the list of designers that our camera would be snapping into overdrive! Our eyes were open wide, hearts were racing as this parade was purely focused on Melbourne based fashion and If theres one place in Australia that knows fashion well, its Melbourne!

Alpha 60 opened the show with a roman clip for-showing the inspiration behind their range to come. The clip showed a roman bust crying lilac tears that formed flowers and blossomed into a beautiful garden. It depicted a story that from a small idea comes something so beautiful and from there, out cam their gorgeous range. Models entered the runway in silk drapery picturing the bust on a few shirts and tones of blue were used through out the range. Lucy McIntosh closed for Alpha 60 in a beautiful blue dress.

The same occurring colours seen on previous nights such as apricots, creams and burnt oranges were used by Above. Amazing cut-out detail went into their blazers and overall produced a very interesting range. From here APL snapped local favourites, Limedrop. We’re still trying to work out what amazing song the models were walking too? Excellent song choice that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Limedrop produced a favourite for this spring, cropped mens white pants with checkered shirts and a double denim look for the ladies. Their whole collection was too die for and the energy from both the models and the audience proved they were 100 percent deserving of their recent win of the Chambord Shind Awards prize.

Next up to the runway was Tesla, showing off a beautiful black evening dress with a large ruffle along the neckline. We then snapped unexpected greatness from Jack London and amazing things from FAT. Claude Maus Denim was up next giving us styles for both men and women showing off teared knitwear teamed with many different shades of black denim skinny jeans.

Underground goodness came from renowned label Trimapee. Plenty of Drapery and Melbourne black goodness was present among their designs. A lot of there garments are useful for layering and their intricate designs in braided pieces looked amazing on both the male and female models. If you came to this show and looked carefully into your gift bag you’ll find a magazine about Trimapee’s Animalia short film which was screening from the 31st August – 5th September as apart of MSFW. Trimapee was definitely a favourite of APL over this week of fashion and on that note, stay tuned to COVET for an exclusive article about Trimapees amazing work.

The show then came to an end with closing designer Carly Hunter. Lucy McIntosh walked for the last time in a polka dot top and black shorts. Other models followed in similar prints ranging in colours from blacks, browns, taupes and blues. A beautiful end to an amazing week.

All those fashion forward who attended events across this Melbourne Spring Fashion Week will surely appreciate the quality designs shown from all labels. Its more than safe to say that everyone who attended a designer series shows came specifically for one of their favourites. They may have only wanted to see one out of ten of the designers on show however each and every person will walk away from this week loving something new and especially appreciating the creative and artistic people that were born in bred in our very own town!

keep smiling for APL!