Day 1-


After a lengthy flight and the usual conundrum of airport and immigration formalities, I walk out to what is a sensational day in Los Angeles. What a day LA has turned out for us, the heat, 33 degrees…..Amazing! Forget photo shoots its straight to the pool when I check in!


Back at my home away from home, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, I am made to feel extra welcome. On the counter, to my immense pride, are copies of Covet Magazine. Well, what a great start to this trip.


I quickly unpack and it’s some rest and relaxation poolside. I also start thinking about some scheduled photo shoots, and quickly finalise scheduling some appointments with potential clients.


The afternoon is spent on retail therapy. Nothing beats shopping in LA. This time I do some serious damage to the credit card. Wait till you all see the new APL staples I’ve purchased. I’ll be a serious candidate for ‘Count’ Shiva Singam’s next best dressed list.


I dash back to the hotel, and change, its dinner with friends at uber trendy Argo. It’s bustling at the restaurant as we dine surrounded by the beautiful people. We convince ourselves that more cocktails are needed and we head to the only place to do this…..The Chateau Marmont. What an incredible place this is…amazing ambience, the decor out of this world and the crowd….very stylish and beautiful.


What a great start to the APL adventures in the USA.


Day 2-


It another absolutely marvelous sunny day in LA. I sit poolside for breakfast and though delicious I regret ordering the coffee. Grrrrrrr…….. ! I still can’t understand how people put up with terrible coffee in LA. Still it’s warm, and there are plenty of smiles all around.


I dash to my only job for the day. Photo shoot with Alexander Rodriguez, that is A-Rod, to all of you. What a great shoot. The pictures are absolutely amazing. Not letting too much out of the bag, but this is one if APL photography’s best shoots. Thinking I might even let you all have a sneak peek.


After work the great man, crew and I have a drink to toast our work. Drinks are very celebratory and A-Rod seems very pleased with the outcome…Well done APL photography, I think!


It’s still warm and I decide to play tourist. I take myself to Universal Studios, where I try some of the big rides. It’s better and more exhilarating than I thought it would be. Real highlight were the sets from various films. Quite amazing how they achieve all the effects for films.


I head home to the Roosevelt , and decide to stay put tonight. I have a lot of editing to do from the shoot today. It’s all about perfection with APL photography.


It’s another big day planned tomorrow.


Day 3


Yet another warm day, and has become my habit, I have breakfast poolside, bad coffee and all. The phone is ringing madly as I confirm appointments with clients, talent management agencies and PR firms for leg 2 and 3 of this trip.


Leg 2 is Vegas. I decide to have a try at driving around LA for practice, as this is how we plan to get to Vegas. Best get used to driving in this big city I think. I dash around in my hire car and get a good feel for driving…right job done then. The Mustang GT5 – 5 litre beast, not to be messed with


The main part of my afternoon is spent meeting two talent management and PR firms. Can’t reveal too much, but there are some big collaborations in the pipeline. Quite amazing projects actually! They have also expressed interest in working with Covet Magazine…..pluses all round!


Later in the day I head to a shoot another great mansion, in the Hollywood Hills. These houses just get better and better. The shoot turns out to be incredible. APL Photography is definitely making its mark in this big city.


After the shoot it’s home again for a some rest poolside and an early night. Big drive ahead of us tomorrow. For sneak peeks into the APL adventures so far, head to my Facebook page or the APL Photography website.


More to come still folks…so best stay tuned!


Anthony Licuria



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