APL Diary, Adventures in New York


It’s nearly midnight as I fly into JFK in New York. As we descend I can see the bright lights of this great city shining bright. The ‘city that never sleeps’ welcomes me with a particularly balmy night. As I am driven through the city, my hotel has kindly provided me a chauffeur, I can see that though it’s now nearly 1 am on a Monday, people are still out and the frenzied energy of this city is tangible.


I am driven to trendy Soho, where I am booked to stay. I had decided to be lavish this trip and booked myself into ,The 60 Thompson, funnily located at 60 Thompson St New York, NYC. It is a beautiful hotel. The decor is classic, understated and very stylish.


On checking in, I find that the hotel has given APL Photography a present; an upgrade to the Thompson Suite. Just to make you all jealous, the suite is 850 square feet, has a lounge room with adjoining bedroom and dressing room. The bathrooms are all mosaic and marble and my private balcony has unobstructed views of the Manhattan Skyline. This is definitely living in style, at least for the next four days. A nightcap and it’s time for bed. Four big days ahead……..


I wake up and New York has blessed us with another glorious day. This pattern continues the whole trip in fact. The sun is up and it is about 30 degrees already. I head out for breakfast nearby to plan my days. I have already lined up some meetings with agents, publicists and some designers. Of course there will be some ME time, and I have some friends to catch up with in between my hectic diary. There is also a shoot scheduled for later in the week. No time to rest……it is all go, go, go!


The meetings that I have scheduled, throughout my trip, are all very successful. There are some great future collaborations to think about. For one, APL Photography, has been invited back to shoot at the MTV Awards. This followed by an invitation back here, to work with New York Fashion Week,in September. There has also been a lot of interest in Covet Magazine. As they say fortune favours the brave. I am very pleased by the results.


So in between work, time for some APL rest and relaxation. Shopping in this city is unbelievable. The choices are unlimited and with our strong Aussie Dollar, it’s made that more affordable. I particularly enjoyed finding some lesser known designers in Soho and the Meat Packing District.


My other free moments are spent catching up with friends and sampling the great bars and landmark restaurants of this city. So amongst my favourites; STK, is incredible, particularly if you like a good steak. Delicious food, served in a chic and incredibly well decorated restaurant. Service is impeccable and there is plenty of spotting the beautiful people here. Then there was, The London NYC, Gordon Ramsay’s landmark New York eatery. Here too, the food is incredible and stands up to the reputation of Gordon Ramsay. My final favourite, for this trip, was my dinner at, La Esquina NYC, great modern Mexican food served in a room thumping with vibrancy. The cocktails were particularly amazing here.


So back to work, I had a photo shoot organized, which was a collaboration between APL Photography and ‘street wear’ design house, XXBC. This label is all about vintage inspired street wear for men and the clothes are damn good. The shoot turns out to be a great success, and we get some amazing images. The designers of XXBC, the stylists, and I are very pleased with the outcome.


So after an amazing four days packed with work, successful outcomes, shopping, great meals and lots of memories, I board my flight to head home to Melbourne. I am very pleased by what has been achieved for APL Photography and Covet Magazine. I think to myself that I can’t wait for late August when I head back to see all those projects realized. So keep posted……..there is plenty more to come in the Adventures of APL.


For a sneak peak of the shoots and some great images from this trip, head to the APL Photography website.


Anthony Licuria.

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