Bill Cunningham

This man is truly inspiring. An icon. A living NYC legend.

Anthony Licuria @ APL Photography snapped the ultimate Fashion snapper, Bill Cunningham of the New York Times.

A gentleman of the game, he transcends the media pit and is instead spotted here in the front rows of the runways, never expected to fight for a view.

The respect for this veteran of the fashion world is obvious due to who he rubs shoulders with, where he sits and what he attends. However, his graciousness and modesty makes him a pal, not paparazzi.

This man has around 50 juicy years of the Big Apple archived including Greta Garbo, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Oscar de la Renta.. the list is possibly described as endless.

Imagine the coffee table book Bill could release and the stories he could tell – although, Bill wouldn’t tell, he is too esteemed to do so.. He is more interested in capturing celebrities and socialites in candid and unexpected frames. Known for doing this without their permission, the subjects seem to love him for it.

The difference is these people still value his company, a show of his character he possesses a charm that makes him as famous as the people he shoots.

During his time in the media, he has been a key fashion journalist before finding his love of film, now digital..

You can now spot Bill at his happiest when he is pedaling around the streets of New York on his bicycle with camera strung round his neck. Exactly the way he was depicted in the 2011 documentary, Bill Cunningham New York which celebrated his talent and his tiny apartment barely furnished with anything more than boxes , draws and cupboards of his photographs.

Bill is the real deal. If you don’t know his work, treat yourself to NYC through his lens. Its stunning.