Dressed for the finest event of the week. GUCCI
Dressed for the finest event of the week. GUCCI

While some people work their way effortlessly to the top of the beauty chain, it is a rare occasion when a super model has had to triumph over deep trials to bring her successes.

Waris Dirie is the exception, overcoming great pain and suffering. The supermodel, Bond Girl, best-selling author and UN Ambassador, is the true story behind Desert Flower.

Desert Flower explores Waris Dirie’s journey from her life in the deserts of Somalia, to the world’s most famous catwalks. Suffering from the practice of female genital mutilation at the age of 5, Dirie has tirelessly campaigned for women’s health and to end female genital mutilation worldwide.

Gucci and Harper’s Bazaar celebrated the exclusive screening of Desert Flower, with local celebrities stepping out on the red carpet for a good cause, and APL snapping them up.

Lindy Klim and Michala Banas both supported the event, along with Alex Dimitriades, Blair McDonough and Brodie Young, who all posed for APL Photography.

Female genital mutilation affects up to 150 million women around the world today, and the waris dirie foundation supports worldwide initiatives to end the barbaric act.