Show 2 - Designer Series
Show 2 - Designer Series

It was APL Photography’s second day at MSFW and he knew If there was a show not to be missed this week it was designer series 2. This show was a sell out event and was tipped to be the best before the week began. The show began with a Shakespearean film clip allowing the audience to place themselves in a time frame suited to the range that followed. Aurelio Costarella took opened the show and the first outfit was a toffee medieval gown. For those unfamiliar to Aurelio Costarella keep your eyes open for an APL exclusive interview in our next issue of Covet.

After snapping Aurelio we continued to capture the best of the best from Gwendolynne. Stand out models Lucy McIntosh and Vanessa Milde made us fall in love with nudes and golds, perfect shades for the up coming spring races. From there, Disco balls lit up the town hall to bring in Thurley and so did a particular silver sequin skirt, amazing!

Next in was Arthur Galan! The first designer for the men this week and he did not disappoint. Known for sharp suiting and preppy cardigans that come across vintage but are a whole lot classier than the frumpy cardigan you picked up from savers. Good impressions then turned into great impressions when the female collection from AG hit the runway. If you’re looking for a cute number to wear to the races, AG for women will become your best friend!

We then went on to snap lilacs by Lisa Ho, prints by Megan Park, princess dresses from Collette Dinnigan, embroided gowns and velvets by Akira and fun, colourful designs from a new comer to MSFW, Christine. Accessories were big from everyone and ladies left this show swooning over Akiras gowns and the many other dresses they can see themselves wearing on derby day!

Oliva Pajer