While the American college experience is something you may only see in movies, Eve bar owner Nick Russian and Vinny Diaco celebrated their birthday in frat party style at the prestigious Melbourne hotspot.

The frat dress code saw partygoers in schoolgirl geek-chic outfits complete with pigtails and glasses. Cheerleaders and jocks, kegs and empty cups, baseballers and even warm apple pie were all part of the props and partying to bring the college experience to St. Eve University, where ‘In Russian and Diaco We Trust’.

Birthday boy Russian wore red Speedos along with his fellow water polo team, where clearly the temperature was getting heated on the dance floor, while Diaco worked the preppy look in schoolboy vest and tie.

The Class of 2010 celebrated in true frat party style, with free VIP drinks all around and dancers and performers to entertain the guests, with APL Photography snapping the celebrations on the night.